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Creative Photographic Process

Brooks Institute / Extension Workshops

Are you ready to jump off the cliff and create art with your photographs? Two days of exploration, and getting messy with gesso, varnish, wax, solvents, paint, and inkjet printing on unique and luscious substrates.

We will select images from your archives to create unique art pieces…adding texture layers, working with Photoshop and NIK software to alter and enhance the original image.  The next step is all about PROCESS!  Joyce is the Queen of Alternative Processes, and she will guide you on this magical journey of experimentation.  

You will learn:

  • to print on beautiful and unique papers … not your Mama’s Epson paper  
  • to prepare art boards for prints, and finish with varnish, collage and paint
  • to prepare substrate with metallic acrylic and digital ground for unique one of a kind inkjet prints
  • to create texture images and image transfers using household solvents
  • Discussion and handouts to create inkjet negatives for Cyano, VanDyke, and Platinum/Palladium.

DISCLAIMER:  This class is dangerous…you can become addicted to ART and never look at photography in the same light again.

For information and registration please contact:

Brooks Extension Workshops
27 E. Cota Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101