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Brooks Institute / Extension Workshops

Date:  February 7/8, 2015

Photography has become “the other great American sport”…everyone is a photographer, but without an understanding and knowledge of LIGHT, the portrait image can be an accident looking for a place to happen.  Joyce will share her years of experience and knowledge as a portrait and fine art photographer and show how she works with light in any situation to create magical images.  Joyce believes in keeping it simple…technical decisions become second nature, leaving you free to create magic with your subjects.

Whether you are an artist, an advanced amateur, or a newcomer to photography this workshop is the perfect opportunity to hone people skills. Photographing the human form can be daunting, and utmost care must be taken to build a trust between subject and photographer.  Discover the elegance of window light, how to find beautiful light in environmental situations, and how to style, direct and guide subjects for relaxed, natural poses. You will work with models to experiment and try new techniques on the first day.  Day two is a critique, demo, and working session with Photoshop and NIK software to enhance and create professionally finished and artistic interpretations of your images.  Joyce has lectured and taught at photographic conferences throughout the world for the past 50 years, and her enthusiasm and ability to teach and guide students is legendary.

For information and registration please contact:

Brooks Extension Workshops
27 E. Cota Street
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